Renting with Pets

No matter what pet you have, finding a rental property can be a real challenge. Their is a lack of properties in the UK that allow a dog or other animals. If you search many Letting agent websites you will see the term 'NO PETS' this we have discovered is not always the landlord imposing this but the agent themselves. You see if they allowed pets then it would mean extra work for them and letting agents want an easy trouble free job. Of course it's not only pets that are not allowed, but children, you will sometimes see the text only persons over 25.

General Tips for people with pets:

We suggest contacting letting agents and asking if they allow pets in some properties. We have found that private landlords are a lot more flexible when it comes to allowing pets, so look through the private adverts. Remember that pet friendly rentals are in high demand and will be let more quickly, so you should be prepared to act fast to view a property.

Offer to pay a higher deposit, just in case your pet damages anything.

Selecting the text in blue helps us raise funds to run this site, and could help you to find a property to rent where pets are considered.

Don’t forget to get your pet insurance. A lot of insurance policies not only cover your vet bills but also include public liability insurance, just in case your pet causes damage to somebody else’s property. You can now also get a special renting with pets insurance to help cover damage to a rental property should it occur. (Check the policy conditions.)

When moving home, don’t forget to update your pet id tag with your new phone number. Dogs and cats are more likely to get lost when you have recently moved home. It is also a good idea to get your pet micro chipped as a permanent way of identifying them. Remember when you move home; don’t forget to update your contact details with the pet id company.

Once you have moved home, make sure you find your local vets as soon as possible and sign up with them.

If you have found a private landlord that will take your dog or pet, don't forget to check the tenancy agreement, maybe ask a solicitor to read it for you.

Renting with dogs

The Dog’s Trust recommends writing your dog a ‘C.V.’ before searching for a property.

Please remember to respect the landlord’s rental property, the more pet owners that leave a property in the condition that they first rented it would mean more landlords considering pets. It is also good for you if you need a reference for a new landlord.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

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What is Pet Friendly Rentals?

We are often asked what is pet Friendly Rentals?

Pet Friendly Rentals is the 1st database of its kind that allows pet owners to search for homes to rent in the UK. Many think we manage the properties or are a letting agent but sadly this is not the case.
More About Us: was created in September of 2007 by myself Darren and my partner Sarah and our three dogs. We ourselves found it very difficult to find a home to rent (and we only had a medium size dog at the time), we soon realised that there was no website in existence that allowed pet owners to search for a place to rent.