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Pet Friendly Rentals . info This Site is managed and owned by petfriendlyrentals.co.uk. A UK based company providing assistance for pet owners looking for a property to rent in the UK

Because we ourselves was once in the same position you may now be in, we decided to create 'Pet Friendly Rentals' to aid pet owners find suitable rental accommodation in the UK tips needed when searching for a pet friendly property to rent. We work on this in our own time and using our own resources, if you would like to help us track down landlords please get in contact.

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Our sites are run and maintained in our own time and from donations from individuals and from holiday advertisers, we do take any form of wage from this service that we provide. At pet friendly rentals we will continue our search by contacting letting agents and private landlords.
Once we have located the properties, and have the pet friendly landlords permission, they will be added to our sites database, this will enable you the pet owner to easily locate what you are looking for.

What is Pet Friendly Rentals?

We are often asked what is pet Friendly Rentals?

No we do not rent out pets, heavens above that would not be a good idea. Pet Friendly Rentals was the 1st database and information website of its kind in the UK that allows pet owners to search for homes to rent in the UK. Many think we are a letting agent but sadly this is not the case (wish we was).
More About Us: Our main website was created in September of 2007 by myself Darren and my partner Sarah and our three dogs. The idea came about because we found it very difficult to find a home to rent ourselves (and we only had a medium size dog at the time), we soon realised that there was no website in existence that allowed pet owners to search for a suitable place to rent.